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                                                                         What is spiritual revelation?

Spiritual revelation or simply revelation is special gift from God the Father in the name of Christ Jesus to His own (chosen ones) to observe and receive divine information.

It is the guide into the distinctive picture or position of God to certain issues or arrangement, either for individual purpose or to a group of people.

The English definition of revelation simply means disclosure, exposure, leak, eye-opener and so forth.

Accordingly, it is the quality insight or information from the realm of the Spirit not available to all, but only to some through divine favor and placement.  For example, if you believe in your heart that Jesus is the Christ (Messiah), this is God's revelation of His blessings and love to you. Not everyone receives this despite the fact Christ Jesus and the work of salvation is for the whole world.  

Therefore, spiritual revelations are special information from the throne of God into the human heart for enlightenment, improved relationship and help others on godly path. Spiritual revelation are normally transmitted by the Spirit of the living God, because such information is best known and transmitted by the God through His  living Spirit, called the Holy Spirit.

The characteristics within spiritual revelation are power, love, truth, peace, wisdom and progress amongst others good virtues. It is with those characteristics one can differentiate true revelation from God or not. This is because, any revelation that tells you to behave disorderly, to disrespect others, abuse your body and many more are not real revelation, even when people assume they were led by an invisible or higher inspiration in doing what they are fascinated with .

Those kind of spiritual stimulations, which do not direct us to good service to ourselves, neighbors and finally to exhibit God's kindness are deceitful maneuvers that keep the minds of people in bondage.

True spiritual revelation leads to truth, which opens up dark tendencies and gives the solution or guide us to true freedom. The mistake some assume is when they do things their own way, which is not of God; they believe it is their right or freedom of expression. To those with this kind of thought, this is the message of Jesus to you.

God loves you, and nothing will ever diminish His love to all. The major difference between been led by the Holy Spirit or of Christ with other spiritual exercise called religion is this; the Spirit of Christ is the only revelation that has nothing, no link, no excuse and finally no association with the spirits of the dark. They are in direct opposite. Others are kind of in compromise, not Christ Jesus.

Religion gives you stimulated satisfaction that fades with time, Christ Jesus gives you true life fulfillment that last forever. Christianity is not religion, but life. Christianity is the only spiritual life on one side and all other spiritual stimulants on the others side of compromise.

Therefore, spiritual revelation is privilege to remain in the sustaining prosperity of God's victory and care. The true God expressed through Christ Jesus is the Truth that gives humanity liberty over all things into eternity.


Message---"Christianity is spiritual experience, not ritual exercise"

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