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Basic formats for prayers.

These are formats you can modify to suit your purpose.

Always pray to God the Father in the name of Christ Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. Then give the final glory and honor to God the Father and praise His living Majesty with spiritual songs. Examples

This is your responsibility to your request. You should believe on the word of God concerning your request by expecting the result. The word of God is true and faithful. 

Format for prayer of Salvation

Heavenly Father, forgive my sins in the name of Christ Jesus. I declare from this moment that Jesus is the Christ, the Savior of the world, who died on the Cross of Calvary and paid for my sins with His sinless blood, but was raise to life by the power of the Holy Spirit for my victory. I declare He is Lord of my life and King of kings seated on the throne of Grace forever. Thank you Abba Father for your gift of salvation to me and I ask in the name of Christ Jesus, for the Holy Spirit to fill and guide me with your love and power to effectively do your works from today. I thank God the Father for the gift of righteousness to me in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit. I am now born again by the Spirit of Christ and walk in the newness of God's Spirit in me. To your glory and honor heavenly Father in Christ Jesus...Amen  

Romans 10: 9 if thou shall confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and shall believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shall be saved" 

John 3: 16 For God so love the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting Life 


Prayer to our family.                        

Almighty Father, we thank you with our whole heart in the name of Christ Jesus, because this family is bless with your Holy reign. You are the King over all things in this home, as our everlasting Father of Peace. You are perfect Love, the true Living Spirit in the name of Christ Jesus that is above all powers of darkness. We thank you for your light, love, and goodness that fill our hearts in the name of Christ Jesus. We thank you for your living Spirit that fills us as family with excellence, wisdom, victory, health, prosperity in the name of Christ Jesus. We claim your peace, favor, strength, and wealth into our family in the name of Christ Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit to your glory Almighty Father. We are victors, blessings and hope because Christ Jesus is the fullness in us and head over all things in this family. Holy Spirit, we humbly ask in the name of Christ Jesus to teach, guide, and manifest the righteousness of God the Father into every soul, joint, marrow, blood cells in this family with increase in the revelation of the resurrection power of Christ Jesus in all our affairs. We raise the power of the Holy Spirit against all contrary spirits and their devises in the name of Christ Jesus.  Honor and glory to your living majesty Almighty Father forever in Jesus name...Amen




Prayer of strength or power

Heavenly Father, I thank you with my whole heart for your love, power, and peace that is in me by Christ Jesus. You are the God of my Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, who reigns in heaven and earth as everlasting King in me by Christ Jesus. I honorably thank your living Spirit (Anointing) for expressing your wisdom, power, wealth and revelation in the knowledge of Christ Jesus in and through me over all situations. I want my understanding brighten to know the hope of your calling in my life, and to experience the abundance of your blessings in me and for others to receive your light. I declare that I now enjoy and witness the exceeding greatness of your power in Christ Jesus in and through me, according to the working of your mighty power, when your living Spirit raised Christ Jesus from the dead and placed me in Him on the throne of Grace far above all principalities and power, and might, and dominion, and every name that is named here on earth and into eternity. I thank you for the great privilege of sharing all you have in me as I carry out your works effectively in Jesus name. I bind all evil away from me and declare the release of your glorious benefits in me over all things. I thank you Heavenly Father for making me your vessel of victory and power in Christ Jesus, because all things are under my feet according to your glorious reign and honor. I thank you Almighty Father, thank you Holy Spirit in the name of Christ Jesus forever. Amen


Prayer to our country/community. 

Heavenly Father in the name of Christ Jesus, we raise the standard of the Holy Spirit against all works of darkness in this land. We declare the power of your living Spirit (Anointing) breaks every yoke of darkness from the lives of men and women in this land in Jesus name. That your light shines and destroys those dark places where wicked plans and works are carried out. We ask in the name of Christ Jesus for the mighty move of the Holy Spirit against all destructive spirit, souls, joints, marrows of the adversary against innocent lives in this community and country. We declare the release of your guidance by the anointing of the Holy Spirit into the lives of our leaders at all levels for godly implementations of policies. We claim your peace, love, goodness, health, protection and blessings in this country. To the glory and honor of God the Father; the Alpha and Omega...Amen

Other suggestions:

i) Take any verse from the Holy Bible and read out over your circumstance and environment. This is power prayer that works instantly.

ii) Study the Holy Bible to find your life diagram or purpose, but always ask the Holy Spirit to guide your understanding before reading.

iii) Pray regularly at the minimum of 4-8 hours every week. Learn to enjoy prayers.

iv) Learn to sing spiritual songs to God the Father with love in our heart.

v) Prayer is key to living the victorious life in Christ Jesus.

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