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Our ministry

Jesus is alive (Christ fellows) is non-profit Christian fellowship that is immensely gifted with the Holy Spirit to expound the values and vision of the only true God in simple and special way to the world. The divine ideals of Christ Jesus such as true love, peace, excellence and truth among others goes beyond human territories, settings, understandings and other distinguishable differences. Christ Jesus is the source and fulfillment of human existence. He is the perfect answer to all  human mysteries.

We do not see barriers, only possibilities in the amazing promises in Christ Jesus. Thus, we enjoin all to this divine progress to restore hope, finesse and kindness to humanity.

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That is our true legacy.

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Our vision...

Our vision is global. That is, to preach the gospel to the meek in all nations of the world, bind up the broken hearts, set at liberty those in captivity, the opening of prison to them that are bound, build up the old waste, raise up the former desolation, repair the waste cities and desolation of many generations. To mend the breaches and restore paths to dwell in.


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