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Perspective Consumptions...impulse into rational philosophy.



Article 1

Debates, decisions and developments.                                       3-52


Article 2

Scrutiny of the senses.                                                               53- 78


Article 3

Dimensions of the imaginative.                                                    79-105


Article 4

Contacts of the imperatives.                                                        106-121


Article 5

Dynamic of the presence.                                                             122-157





The chapters in human complex are mostly written with broad, bold, invisible and inventive incentives predicated on durable satisfaction by consistent strengthening exercises glimmering towards substantive digestions, adaptations and projections.

That is, the objective formations we reflect are one way or the other allied to the opportunities exposed from our daily encounters, and then by curled observations, expectations and decisions translated into rhythm of pace leading to such delicate attestations of resourceful theme responsibilities.

We, individually and collectively wrote these verses of reasonable progression, conscientiously within our summarized agreement with civilization by numbering our personal influences, character and sequence in reach to stable regulatory insertions.

Hence, arose the suggestions to normalize and absorb the irrefutable harmony of our practical repentance with others will always bring the standard of collective adaptation and informed balance with appreciable score elaborations in human testimonial debates and involvements.

This journey of transparent support, reflections and instructional motions steered the viable reality into the disposition of the subject with the enforced distributive marking, common elaboration and consent arranged to flow into visualize launch.

Thus, bringing to fore, the profound query in typical creative inquisition and proportionate dialogue in civilized landscape.

That is, where, when and who is going to uphold the symbol of optimism in its simple terms into humanity scheme by the touching pleasure to withstand the pressures from our indispensable myths?

Connectively, what would and by which standard are we going to sponsor the proper expedition of revered ideals from clogged monumental gamble.

In relative term, how and when are we going to recharge our expansive energies from low, rather into the open discovery of composure and foresight that always challenges our conventional designations and withdrawn outlook from shadowy expectation into audacious meadow?

In this respect, this is where our respective workable exposures would direct all uplifting setting within regular definition of obedience to factuality. That is, to cultivate such prudence intended to galvanize self-belief with the authority of doggedness into the fine lines of existence. 

Therefore, every recollection of special consideration and launch into well-meaning characterized expeditions are rightly spelt out not necessarily by numbers of awakening affiliations and agitations to intending probable capitulation; rather they are by the coordinate factors within human valves that channels disparities of commotions and value with the same time and pace into allure senses of vitality and profitable recognition.

Thus, tutors of good experience and patience in humanity’s serialization would always dissect the deficiencies of unfruitful steadiness and then retool this within productive sight. That is into quality realization whose meeting terms along with fundamental restrain are in vast amiable proportions.

In such strings and bearings of sequential easy to industrious ends, there should be no pretext not to transpire with the lessons of determined awareness and orderly motions, neither by another means, without notices to their gracefulness in the perceptions of lodging cooperation.

This kind of cooperation is found on gratitude, calm and focus.

Consequently, these factors would create the conduit of truthfulness of strength into enthusiastic suitability and core purpose.

Wherefore, to those who want to celebrate in natural and qualified sequence in advanced probable casting, they usually take the committed wiggle of clear pursuit with the ascribe direction of gifted flourish only attain by testable dimensional dismantle.

These strides of conscientious adventures are introduce into testimonial tractions in human understanding when appreciation of probable concern visits the human abode in exclusive plain tenses, not from exhaustive main belief. This in turn is expressed into open-minded relevance accentuated with assurance of intention.

Therefore, to transfer the momentum of fabulous outline into present and future track, one would need to cover the space of irrelevance with the form of trimming resolution possessed from bright persuasion and conceptual reality. That means into the foray of feasible links and then enabled by sincerity and clarity of build up.

This was where and how the journey of the protection, prospect and presence began within the rational tendencies of excellence. The path elevated and explained by factors of respected goodwill to humanity grandeur. 

That is, the enlightening spring of prominence, dominance and sweet savor that would never stop. 

Summarily, that is the full strength and persuasion of vast virtuous content streaming out from the immense rock of faultless essence. The rock that has endless breath and future senses with the trappings of available harmony.

Hence, the swift declaration in the subject consummation; let the vision reign.

That is the vision of prominence and legitimacy.

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Article I

Debates, decisions and developments


Hope, love and happiness; these frequent distributions in human substantiation sprang up from the pressing freshness in the air superfluity of content that restoratively sits above the circling layers of prospective voyage, which bears their stripling vapor medicating the trees leafs, as they clustered on themselves in broad flat spread with nature’s stipulated margin, and by lively definition measured in tropical serenity.

These vital ingredients in the human center showed their full meaning and passion, when they chose to implement the working mechanisms that make imperial reasoning to stimulate the agenda of helpfulness and self harmony in consistent magnifications to uplifting directions.

That is, the call to kindhearted projections that factors arrangements with the palms of comfort and belly of increment. 

Practically, in another fundamental index, it thus mean, the prospectus of tomorrow that would align themselves to rectified reflections of energy with the color of purity, within the result of steady discipline and the power of artistic vapor. 

Thus, they represent and exemplify the clear competence in resolve to see the past, present and future with the same quality compass that spells correctly the languages of promises in notable strengthening exercises and not dissolutions of lively perception.

In further reflections, they are magnetic inference and vitality that arranges results on shelves of good values, friendly and protective examples; join together with respectful services in recognition of virtuousness and brightness to the universal understanding and progressive vision. 

However, somewhere in nature’s whispering continuation, hope as a relevant trait demonstrated the steams of conceptual context in its material provisory lines.

In other words, it paraded the complex formations of varying uses in distinguished arrangements around feasible orders, which connected and heard the sounds of the mountains motions, maintaining the silent streak in deep honest steps; mustering the pressing day’s forecasts “mother nature” have always given to each absorbing heart concentrate with open acceptable blend.

Therefore, these genuine tender gestures that are always directed to human spotlight by instinctive advancement and future calculations, arose the royal emblem life has always created for all to emulate only when the choices are in agreement with the sequence of respectable timing.

This linkage in substantial observance and preference pursuit is the decent timing borne out of inward sincerity to explore and give the quantified of eminence its desired meaning, though curled into harvest of hope and happiness for others to joyfully absorb and usefully transmit on impartial basis.

Commonly, this becomes the definition of service, the retention of virtues and ministration of classic inventiveness in humanity journey of admiration and benefits.

This communication of course consent into the usefulness in humanity’s stipulations for good substance would always finish the ventures of high esteem with ideal understanding and direct determination. That is, the determination mainly derived with level-headedness and firmness to valid facts. These facts are usually from bodily and thoughtful assimilation of prudence within the solid recreation of excellence in our cultured composure and maturity.

These are proactively called in by ingenuity to foresight, initiated and promoted by one on all to stretches of respectability and focus.

Connectively, this spectacular light glue of rationality noticed from the distance to this peculiar location became the four-corner bulwark of a new man’s world. The world framed from plain consideration of mutually perceptive relationships with the universal highest compassion borne from engaging strides and sufficient spirited encouragements.

This agreement in practical movements and rationalization called all valuable intentions his impressive attainment or rather as the certified induction to the available forward-looking fashion, within the era of unyielding commitment and eventful promotions.

Proportionately, this personality, who knew no inconsistency crafted from anxiety in progression, until he was instantaneously woken to the vibrating release from the oscillate flourish of his environment named ethnicity, could not tell, if he was named among those to channel significance into humanity record column nor invited to search for the path of sympathetic classifications built on forgivable repositions.

Conceivably, this fickle carriage within the difficulty in his locality gave him names and characters contained by schedules of customary fondness and reported control.

Solitarily, he was shore up to swallow the pills of unspeakable relief not by familiar agreement with composite relocation, because his thought vision and his locality function and presentation ran parallel initiatives and dimensional depredation. Notwithstanding, with these disturbing arrangements, his conscience was rated on the peculiarity in soundness of faith, then scored on the admissible sheet to adopt and absorb his present location as make up tenderness to reflect the purpose of his being, by creating the path of freedom for himself, from where others can relate with or possibly draw strength from based on components of relative easy.

This birth assurance within his typical assessments gave his living passion to the wave retention to build the personality on legitimacy and kindness, which in turn became his wholeness for thoughtful qualifications to the dynamism of uplifting figurations.

This became the mission contemplation to symbolize resourcefulness with the instrument of courtesy and courage.

Thus, he looked straight into the future with the acknowledgement of charisma and purified setting of his imaginative prerogative. This mean with such charm that is seen only when the heart opens up its mirroring sentences with the obvious truth to demanding beliefs and accommodation. This would compel the goodness in the human center to construct the vitality of industriousness to every judicious program, not of mere assertion, but in the promise itself, to stand as the vehicle of balance and progress to universal grading.

In extension, this is the largeness for self and to others in expressing victory in widespread substitution against products of discourtesy and discomfort in humanity varying classifications for progress.

To these fresh postulations, the following dialectical contexts reflected sharply in his heart combustion.

That is, what a charm of purpose mixed with service for community’s diagram for stability and good expressions?

Hence these impressions or quarries then popped up in his reverberating circulations.

That is, is this charm of purpose a question or trial?

Is it a cast of opportunity against future promotion?

Is this rationality or assertion of service?

Is it a call to explain truth against the trials of triviality?

Is this an issue of purpose or regulated set impressions?

Is it a message of focus against narrowness of fondness!

Do we call these distinctions between manipulations or both?

However, with these positive attestations, this environment’s manifesto were concluded by factors he neither suggested their tabling nor was he involved in arranging the implementations to reciprocate the good detour to foreseeable chances inquired through average comprehension from cordiality and other skillful exhibitions.

Wait a second, he said silently to himself because he suddenly observed that the clock strip clicked faster in some split seconds, because of his thought contention and measuring request.

Why would this happen and to what definition or direction could this sudden quick motion stare his course to?

At this quarry, he suddenly understood motions of distinctive values were brilliantly expressed in his foresight to compulsive determination.  

Responsively, at this consideration, his mainstay as he found himself was to champion his broad goals in stable reliance on instances of his daily equipped suppositions and then thoroughly sustained by forces of peace and openness to superior characterization.

Despite these illustrious intentions, the environment or society as he chose to recognize its institutional formats planted across its objective signatures beyond his remembrance and self-assured consumptions for hopeful interceding tendencies.

Actually, this is non-reflective to good hug.

It is not connected to humane accommodation, neither to any successive acceptance.

In quick search of direct adjustment to the inner and prudent incentive with his blissful expectations into viable meaning, and not necessarily in cosmetic gesture, he visited the margin of practical assessment with its receptive modeling and demand descriptions hinged on composed creative imagination.

His thoughtful exercise walked on prospective layers of eminent goals that would preserve in him to quality motivation, thereby making contacts with greatness in plain terms and acceptable service to upgrading agendas.

He sought meaning and reactions with civilization in addressing issues of compound attention at the grace of simplicity and realistic reasoning.

He sought to inquire, receive, and play the role of distribution of sufficiency of happiness with the tools of favor and diligence.

Here again he factored that there has to be the willingness of intense vision and unyielding development to share fruitful gifts to our respective society, he summed and kept walking to himself with exciting enrichment.

As a result of this latest enthusiasm, this young and bubbly lad thought he had the near answers from the beginning of his conscious flourish to most unabridged human experimentations. The good reason for this confidence is because; he has always skillfully seen, compulsively known and nicely witness insightful responses emerge from his productive margin, which are then absorbed with the penchant for success and less from uneventful thoroughfare.

These underling facts shows his expressions, productive instinct and cultured drive for fortification and promotions have been mostly arranged on decisions and debates resting on superior impressions.

This would then determine the rightful discoveries, which are subsequently carried on with the provable inference from resilient momentum. The momentum built on restoration and courage.

The choices on valid principles were always visible in moving onward with programs of constructive interior elements and natural fiber.

He was always confident with the composure of civilization drawn on purposeful encoding, but was never stirred to negotiate activities or observations with his upbeat attitude in any challenging negative perspective.

The justification for this was because, he knew the background of excellence to stately position and consistency would require the internal drive to nurture all contentions within schedule of growth, foresight and distinctive sagacity.

These in time simplification would call for the magnified conceptualizations of individual pursuit, and then transmitted through ample solidification of value principles.

To the outsiders this is the victory spelt on details and reverence.

This self-assurance was an acceptable invitation in his instinctive boundaries, though within the sphere of agreeable sentiments and restorative structures. That means, to measure solutions only with those brave up to draw the sword of respectable activities, based on consent and the tenacity for victory.

This kind of victory is typically defined in the highest grading in human concepts, conciliation and confidence against combined restraints. This victory is spelt clearly within the heart and reflective by bodily actions to see every item of the human significance with the unique attachment, originality and gratitude.

Despite these astounding relays, he realistically had to accept the consignments of his location thrown on his sentimentality by the common ancestral temperament and inherent restrictive propositions.

It is rightful to say that this youthful tangible at “thirty something” in measurement by numeral liberate, reflective in contemporary mission and trimmed in size to the posture of charming conformity within prescribe but tolerable terms, became the standard-bearer of celebrated reliability leading to progressive desperation in good privileges.

That is the desperation to call events by their true names and show their importance to all with the tool of staying power and pureness to splendor.

These became apparent because, his physical and mental involvements in tag struggles between conversational and creative depictions were the swerves that woke up the senses of collective civility with the prevailing instrument on his grandeur understanding.

This commission of course realignment has opened up the energetic inference in data sequential by his breath reawakening, which has mastered the promises of life in sizzling conflicts and survival presses, without mistaking the prospect for prominence.

Therefore, this line of language and thoughts within his characterization becomes the element that would transmit the authenticity of goodwill, or if you like kindliness into humanity’s landscape for persistent appreciation, applicable sanitization and victorious factorization.

That means, cultivating territorial and temporary shortcomings by turning them into searches of virtues in concur within the extensive stability to his vital explorative strength.

However, because he was restricted to this tiny and peculiar segment in globe stretch, he would have to plough into the authorization that will correlate the temporal omission of his balance by correcting the foresight of credible substance into activities of consistent composures.

These positive composures are then arranged to reflect the base mark to loveliness and opulent culture.

Emphatically, this persona, who found himself sited in one far-flung part of the world, where existing strings has pitched holes in almost eliminating the significance of his elements to touches of instructive belief and zeal, knew nothing that transpired between instances of negligibility against the invigorating materials of nature, which has pegged him in this deficient equip.

Notwithstanding the bitter occurrence, he still had the preparation that compares strong internal outlook without the disdain to nature’s compelling assignments.

Such as appreciating the sun’s wealth and the gapping seas around the world, replicating the truth-seeking dictum of today lives prominently and tomorrow grows more potentially.

These are circuits in positive responses, which have created the strong visibility in his consciousness to integrate notions of crack meandering into his tempting prospect.  

He was on the observation from onset to see these obligatory observances around, as the best promotion enlightening the locality he had been offered in much distinguishable compass in nature entailing sequence.

To publicize wholly on these facts in daily unfeigned generalization was a tone he was told by his fighting instinct to dutifully notice and react to with calming reverence. That is when he arranged massive questions on sweltering mastery of resolves and aspirations, which were there in his mental system as postage of records to harmoniously follow through, though not to distress any formidable component base on optional recklessness.

That is such recklessness that tries to counteract the constructive leveling of substance of resolves and aspirations, these features, which would mostly trigger the leveraging marks of good promises.

Connectively, these inner recurrent questions are relevant because they have opened up those hidden facts about his character, purpose and meaningful direction. They are not questioning the personality of healthy protection but were asking issues of positive shapes and honest realities.

That means, they were asking questions of purposefulness invested on reliability.

However, with these kinds of quarries they stand the precession to expend the best to those on preferences of action whenever the occupation was to civilly challenge and positively alter the space of carelessness and breakdown with the conception of polite but constructive distinction.

This is the total electrifying summation for valid destination.

That is the destination determined by valid principles such as broadness, liberty, passion and perseverance.

Together in good speculation, he threw many quarries and comparable answers into future interpretations of events, such that when following the vitality of theme retrospection, the factor of appropriateness becomes the cementing force of orderly accomplishment. 

He chose to steer his reflection to the direction that calls affirmative process the winning component in finished exhibitions, with utmost essence for impartiality and confident objective for quality efforts.

This means, his constantly calculating the workable differences of options has infused the totality of good agreement into the theme assessment in his rational context, although these theme outlines are usually impacted with humility and commemorative inscription for dynamic result.

In good addition, they tend to stimulate the relieving covenant of substantiation and purpose base on leaning for excellence with the examples of worthy acknowledgments.

This is not a formation of exaggerated self-opinion, but the true test to arrange decisions and preferences on the barometer of dependence and common responsibility.

Hence, at this point reconnecting with forbearance, while laying with bare body on his hand made; woven palm leafs knitted bed, one early morning of “November something.” This is because dates were numbered by the amount of condense dew felt on the surface of creeping leafs and heating scrap assimilations.

That is, here, in his habitual series, dates were taken as contacts in observance to the different levels of nature’s benevolence in awakening the human verses and values to the touches of awareness and progressive attendance, and then visited by such play in the universal daily celebrations. 

For the reason that there were no records of indicative rumble, neither generality to relate with nor numbers on his tribal board; only on the pressures, the air exerted on his and other associates skin textures with such similarities that arrive on the prevalence of each day’s assignments and substantiation to their sensible touches.

In addition, the living vegetation that connected their subsistence with the rotating sun, shed hope and good compilations of experiences or inwardness in their quest for natural accuracy. These autogenetic features were some of the advantages or comfort he lived with in deep stifling woods of near total isolation to himself, with other forty-eight community affiliates understood as habitation of communal connotation.

However, with these pertinent but passing engagements, his sight was enlightened into the blistering and transforming indices calling for institutional, steam up, and restructuring pledge.

This is the pledge that is built around humanity’s good text, within his adherence to the authentication of his balance and preserved reckoning in planetary esteem evaluations.

That means, he has been challenged to throw newer vigor internally by breaking fresh grounds of imagination and viable reality into the jug of mastery, which is the connecting dispense that would instill inspirational focus into accommodative testimonials. This would then channel other valuable resources from storage into the seemingly satisfied invitation often carried on within personal interest, and inclusive with creative vitality.

This kind of reverberating attention and other good factors were the common rotations, which transpire within his perspective valve to relieve his pains of restriction and passion for great prescription into catalog of decisions, focus and celebration in measured pursuit.

In further interest, these factors would become the distributive channel that chose to explain chances in unlimited spaces and reflections, where he had perceived the outer world with the sight that share positive attentions, progressive collections of time utility index and not drawbacks or checkpoints of past and present wasteful engagements.

These combinations of personal purpose in shared arrangements with his circumstance would tender the best result when durably followed with the permission of solidified innocence and trust, but not with any slide of pride neither self-acclaims based on deceitful tendencies nor irregular insulations

He knew favorably the issue that would transmit the good provisions of the world into his new punctual pocket, where focus and reliable articulations are harmoniously entertained, which in most cases are always in deep conflict of expressions, would be resolved in an environment that can relate with both without neglect to any within his possibilities apparatus.

Possibilities would not challenge the usefulness of passion to excel; it only withstands or in more loose terms, stands against those parameters or sequences that revolve themselves against beneficial recreation, poise and respect.

Such unwanted sequences include but not limited to these; inner negativity, self depression, unproductive low esteem, seemingly air of insecurity to list a few.

Therefore, the opportunity to test progressive avenues with such common intensity that willingly releases answerable satisfaction to good goals is to amend the vibes from deliberate negligence in human distances to magnificent specialty and sheer dislocation from ignorance, which would lead the partaker of such turning ability from yawning into precious gain stakes.

We cannot allow the excuse of resource depletion explained by others to determine the personal resolve of our objective titles; he then connected within his equipped attention.

It is further wrong to accept voices of others base on worthless convenience instead of commitment to prudence and good service.

The mandate within all human cycle for purposeful goal is to draw and create the path of projection with the power of expectation and unforgiving toughness. This kind of toughness is not defined by the number of attempts at suppositions neither through the vast magnitude of the mind.

The toughness here is the type, which absorbs all battering with the stillness of warmth without deviation from the vision. That calls the level of good understanding as the brethren of progress and counterpart of discipline.

The toughness that is written in the veins of the heart with firmness to decency, forward looking assertions, awareness and thoroughness to general outlook and not necessarily on the slate of the body or totally through the acquired mind, neither is it for short gains but pegged on over reaching fulfillment of the personality enrichment to broaden the goodness and uplifting values to others with incalculable gentleness.

Combatively, it was at this cerebral complicity, he was told by the penetration and echo of the sunray through the mud walls into his accommodating liberty to negotiate hopeful resolution with factors at his ambiance for the reposition of his human deportment.

That is, the sunray with its dazzling, determine enthusiasm visited his cubicle; his intervening vicinity without mutual consent in visualize commitment. It augmented the variations of latitude in the inter-changing relevance that solidifies the base of protective mainstay.

The grasp between analytic spectacle and agreeable reliability were thrown over board by the similarities of feasible presentations, judged with the pendulum of affinity ratio over principles, whose parallel was not a mark of shared possession, neither of sustained pursuit rather they became the lucrative acquaintance of future intentions.

This was where he was, when he was drawn into the challenge of his domestic assessments for large-scale posture with the direct communication into his sensory form to revive the earthly vision of life, who should be interested in the future play of prominence written in positive statements and vibrant actions.

This current attention is intended to resuscitate his mental and physical columns into complementary influence that would encourage robustness in humanity instill vision, tempered with the formation of rosy and contributive rules.

At very close follow up, this unswerving but detached message shook his weight from his console cradle and gave him cause to gaze for the first time in his life outline, directly into the sun’s distinctiveness from the little outlets visible through his mud walls.

Those tiny light ray passable holes became the significant statements in measuring his capacity in conscientious protocol and capability in stableness within the current times of his computations for active access into the bright future claim.        

Somehow, taken into this nook, he never realized that his sight was searching into millions of miles away from the object that opened his day with the brightest glide of nature’s touch. 

These reflections did not only open up his impressions, but “something” more emboldening woke up within.

That is, the trigger of debates, decisions and developments has been pulled by his thoughtful speculations somewhere and somehow in his courteous stanza.

This occurrence is not temptation of minimal promotion, but the instill experience that would form the foundation of his future expressions, expectations and results.

That is, this type of commitment from his present awaken fondness is borne to regulate the true structure of human vision and realization.

Despite these in and out contemplations, one issue was certain in his interior knack. That is, these ponders one way or the other have raised up issues he had slept on unknowingly, which he knew must be addressed, if he is to realize the validation of his years on earthly instances.

More significantly, these occupying motions, suddenly directed his heart to the enormous realities of the cosmos, which transfigured the horizon of his thoughts to the possibilities relatively unanswered in present life perspective.

On the other side of reasonable understanding, they tended to cluster his soothing approach, which were quite different from the signals he has mastered over a long period.

Responsively in his yawning meditation, he saw pictures of good results, he saw answers to harsh enquiries, and he saw movements to candid distance. Nonetheless, with these influences, there was no determination to his reasonable touch of favor, neither could they define where or with what facilities he would employ to realize these given activities in his alert circulation to progressive bearing.

There was no lead to connect with these vitalities to the ensuing source of cash-in fulfillment.

Further, even as he was spun to these impressions of active possibilities, he knew no command in search of fixed timing that would help in any measure to reproduce the success of discipline with the pattern of good aspiration. 

This direct rave for resourceful exploration became the harnessing pull in his deferential fortitude to contact and create the bright prospect within his inward balance to the outwardly and accessible constituents with commendable performance spelt on justness.

Consequently, in an attempt to swim out from these mental absorptions into his good conscience for fluid enlighten points and relate with his substantive environment, there was nudging in his memory into the vastness of the sun familiarity with all answerable worthiness in human relationships.

These relationships of accepting nature’s equipment and human exercises are better understood as tolerable arrangements that are decorated and projected into useful time control concert in human rightfulness and importance in the universal blend.



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